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PMMA Product

Maxiglas will provide the highest quality of PMMA molding for all kinds of optical application.

Optical grade is of the best optical characteristics among our products. Applied to laptop displays
and light guide panels inside LCD monitors, it is of high brightness and transparency. Minimized transmissivity
decline due to yellowing by minimizing thermal deformation in processing, and secured excellent weatherability  by restraining environment-dependent variations in a long term usage.


Technological Consultation

Maxiglas provide basic design and technical assistance to worldwild.

The “MY Continuous Mass polymerization” has been commercially successful for PS、ABS、SMA and MS since 1984. One of the licensing companies is CHEMRES of D&L group in Philippines which is a GPPS、HIPS and high gloss HIPS manufacturer in Manila. The new licensee is Shanghai Jing Qi Polymer Science Co., in the business of optical grade PMMA production. Maxiglas Corp. is the agency for Jing Qi in Taiwan.